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Key benefits

  • Quickfix™ Teeth, quick change of teeth with a single screw.
  • Low electrical consumption.
  • Low dust and noise level.
  • Total access for maintenance.
  • It is not necessary with rotor cooling.
  • Technical availability from 96% to 98%.
  • Possibility to add water in the inlet.

Phantom is a medium-speed shredder with electric drive and hydraulic pendulum feeder, with low energy consumption. The Phantom has a rotor diameter of 800 mm, and exist in two rotor lengths; 2 and 3.000 mm. The pendulum feeds the material against the rotor, equipped with fixed teeth that cut the material fixed against anvil steels. The feeder, is operated by a last generation hydraulic system with variable displacementpump. The process is set from software in the PLC.

  • Recommended

    All types of bulk material and bulky materials.

  • Shreds

    Plastics: Foil, Lump, BigBags.
    Waste: Household and industrial waste.
    Paper : Paper, Pulper Waste, Cardboard. Wood: Laminates, Pallets, Wood waste.
    Others: Textiles, Fishing nets.

  • Obtains

    Fractions of: 20 – 150 mm.

  • Industries

    RDF&SRF (Solid recovered fuel)
    Saw mills
    Paper mills
    Large waste generators

Universal shredder

  • Phantom 2.000

    Entry 2.490 x 1.980
    Volume inlet 9m³
    Weight 22.500kg
    Hydraulic 7,5kW
    Main engine 180-264kW
    Rotor lenght 2.000mm
    Rotor diameter 800mm
    Teeth 176/u (48mm)
    Screen 20-100mm
    CoverCross™ teeth
    Pusher Cleanpusher™

  • Phantom 3.000

    Entry 2.490 x 2.980
    Volume inlet 14m³
    Weight 28.000kg
    Hydraulic 7,5kW
    Main engine 220-360kW
    Rotor lenght 3.000mm
    Rotor diameter 800mm
    Teeth 264/u (48mm)
    Screen 20-100mm
    CoverCross™ teeth
    Pusher Cleanpusher


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