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Shredding technology by ANDRITZ Franssons


Merged capabilities to achieve maximum performance. ANDRITZ has expanded its recycling sector significantly with the new Franssons product line. In the machinery sector, Franssons is synonymous with shredding. Technological highlights are the well-known and proven FRP and FRX shredders, which treat wood, plastics, biomass, paper, cardboard, and even MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) with ease.

The special CoverCross knife system features continuous processing of material to achieve the highest possible capacities. The sophisticated concept for the FRP shredder combines two process steps in one unit – perfect for keeping investments to a reasonable level. Turn up the recycling volumes and benefit from a powerful mix!


When Arne Fransson opens first workshop in northern Sweden in Sundsvall, also called the Wood City, for its abundance of wood or Green Gold, in the early twentieth century. In the beginning, Franssons manufactured fans for timber and paper industry. To transport the wood with fans, it had to be crushed, and based on this need in 1949, Franssons began manufacturing the first shredder.

In 1979, his son Lars Fransson joined the company, which now maintains and develops the innovative spirit of his father and custom manufacturing. It has increased export and international relations and the machines have had an important technological development.

In 2008, the granddaughter Anna Fransson opens a subsidiary in Madrid, Spain, in order to serve Hispanic speaking countries.

Franssons today

Franssons took part and now belongs to ANDRITZ’s Recycling product group, which is a part of the Pulping and Fiber System Division. This in order to further deliver and expand our well-known products globally.

Franssons Recycling Machines, which is now called Franssons Product Line, has its headquarters in Sundsvall, Sweden, where the core of the development and experience is. Together with Andritz, we will deliver the best solution to process your material.

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